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Content Writing for SaaS & IT

Content writing is the backbone of effective content marketing & SEO for B2B companies. With no high-quality texts, you can't attract the right audience on Google (and in other channels).

SaaS content writing for IT and SaaS

We deliver first-class content for SaaS & IT companies

We've written thousands of texts for our clients. Many of them rank high on Google and attract new leads to our clients' websites even many months after publication! We know that with no high-quality content, your content marketing efforts are doomed to fail.

8 reasons how our SaaS content writing gets you ahead:



Factual correctness

Rich in visual materials

Written for your audience

Plagiarism verification

Quick turnaround

2 rounds of editing

SaaS content for your needs

Regardless of what kind of written content you need, we're here to help. Discover what kind of texts we produce for our clients so that they can conquer SERPs and win their target audience's interest:

blog posts for SaaS and IT

Articles & blog posts

Top-notch articles, news, blog posts, guest posts, press releases, and other long-form pieces of SaaS & IT content are the foundation for every effective SEO and content strategy. Benefit from texts that are:

  • Useful and practical for your readers

  • 100% correct and duplicate content-free

  • Based on trusted sources

  • SEO and user-friendly

  • Written with the use of effective copywriting techniques

Web copy

Is it time to update your web copy? We will help you write copy for your company's website, landing pages, and social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook). Benefit from web copy that's:

  • Written with the language of benefits

  • Concise and understandable, even for the non-technical readers

  • Fully compliant with your requirements

  • 100% SEO-friendly

Web copy for SaaS
Sales copy for SaaS

Sales copy

Sales copy includes all the texts you need to boost your sales. This includes landing pages for marketing campaigns, ads, offers, promotional emails, case studies, success stories, etc. You will always get sales copy that's:

  • Tailored to your audience (so-called you-focused writing)

  • Engaging and compelling

  • Adjusted to the intended marketing channel

Discover our tips for SaaS SEO content writing!

Go to our blog and see how we craft high-quality, SEO-optimized copy for our clients.

SEO writing for SaaS & IT

Types of B2B content you can use

At different stages of the sales funnel people expect different types of texts. See what kinds of SaaS content we produce depending on your buyer's journey:

Blog posts


Guest posts


How-to guides

SM posts


Landing pages




Topic clusters

White papers



Our unique approach to SaaS/IT content will help you stand out

You want your content to stand out from the competition but also grab the attention of your desired audience. We follow four principles to ensure your content is impeccable.

Skyscraper Content

This content writing technique is based on analyzing the best pieces on a similar subject to create something better. We analyze the best articles covering a similar topic and then create a new one surpassing them.

Two Rounds of Editing

Every single text we send to our clients goes through two rounds of editing. We pay careful attention to the correctness and wording. It's one of our secrets. Thanks to this approach, clients very rarely ask us for revisions (which are free, by the way!)


ELI5 means Explain Like I'm 5. This approach is particularly essential when we are writing about complex questions (e.g., IT). We try to present every problem and every subject in the most straightforward way possible to make sure your non-technical readers fully understand what you want to convey. We avoid incomprehensible jargon and explain complicated matters in a straightforward manner.


Perhaps you’ve never heard about this rule, but it’s critical in copywriting and content writing. This abbreviation stands for Clear, Concise, Memorable, Motivational.
And that’s the way we write!

Content writing for SaaS & IT: Pricing

If you're just interested in getting top-notch content, you can choose one of two pricing plans. If you're looking for something tailor-made to your company - we are happy to discuss your requirements during our initial consultation!

Basic content writing service

$0.20 per word

Get first-class SEO-friendly texts

What you get:

  • High-quality, unique piece of content written by an experienced B2B content writer according to your requirements

  • Optimal length: 1,000-2,000 words

  • Final text verified with a plagiarism detector (guaranteed result below 7%)

  • SEO-friendly structure + metadata

  • Additional elements (if possible): links to screens, charts, YouTube videos, etc.

  • List of sources

Premium content writing service

$0.50 per word

Full SEO optimization & additional assets to promote your content

What you get:
Basic and more:

  • SEO optimization and keyword research with Contadu/Surfer SEO

  • Creating and adding a featured image and tags

  • Two social media posts promoting your text
    (Facebook + LinkedIn)

  • Publication on the website (via WordPress or any other CMS) with all the graphics and videos used in the text

Our fees do not include ad budget, visual content, and any other external costs.

Do you want to grow your SaaS/IT company and attract the right traffic?

See if we are a good fit and discuss what we can do
to boost your SaaS/IT business.

Book below now!

PS. This consultation is 100% free, and it doesn't oblige you to work with us.

SaaS content marketing agency owner

Find out more!

Discover our pricing options or ask for tailor-made content marketing package!

See how content marketing helos your SaaS/IT company grow organically.

Ensure your company's texts resonate with your target audience!

Super-charge your organic growth with tailor-made SEO services.

Type2Sell SaaS content marketing agency

Let's grow your SaaS/IT business through effective content marketing.

Type2Sell is a B2B content marketing agency located in Calgary, Canada. We provide services for SaaS, IT, and other B2B clients operating in Europe and North America. 

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