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We're a content marketing agency for SaaS & IT companies

With our help, you will grow your organic visibility on Google, attract high-quality traffic to your website, and get more leads. See why we're your best bet when it comes to SaaS/IT content marketing!

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We helped them grow through content

Type2Sell: A holistic approach to SaaS & IT content

What makes us stand out from dozens of content marketing agencies out there is our holistic approach. We do content writing, copywriting, content marketing, SEO, and PPC. We're your one-stop shop for everything you need concerning content for SaaS & IT.

What's also important is that we focus strictly on B2B clients. They constitute 100% of our current client base and over 80% of the clients we've ever worked for. We understand SaaS & IT and help you convey your message just the right way.

Type2Sell content marketing agency

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Content marketing


Why work with us?

B2B focus since 2011

We started operating in 2011, and ever since, we've been heavily focused on B2B clients. Today, SaaS, IT & digital marketing are three major niches that we work for.

Rigorous procedures

We pay a lot of attention to the quality of content you receive from us. Every text goes through two rounds of editing, every text is verified with a plagiarism checker, and every text is written by a human (even though we like AI, we don't use it to write ready-made texts for our clients).

Multidisciplinary team

When working with us, you work with strategists, content marketers, content writers, copywriters, SEO specialists, and proofreaders. We can offer so much more than any full-time employee (we're cheaper, too!).

International experience

We work with companies from Europe and North America. Our international experience allows us to design strategies that work no matter where you are.

Who do we work for?

There are three major sectors that we provide services for.

IT & SaaS

We work for cloud-based companies, software houses, AI consulting companies, web/mobile development agencies, and other companies providing digital services. We know the IT/SaaS world and deal with digital services and AI on a daily basis. With our help, the IT world is friendly and welcoming!

Digital marketing

We’ve been working with marketing agencies for over 11 years now. We have vast experience in writing about performance marketing, SEM, SEO, OOH, PR, video, social media, and other forms of online promotion. Help your clients understand your work through articles, ads, case studies, blog posts, and newsletters.

E-commerce services

Online trade is growing by the minute, and we keep up with it. We understand the needs of modern customers and their fears. We understand advanced technologies that shape the e-commerce world, and we write about them every month. With our help, your services for online stores (including those cloud-based) will get the coverage they need.

Why our clients love working with us

Ipresso content marketing testimonial

We have been cooperating with Type2Sell for several years now. Most of all, I appreciate the quality of their texts and timeliness - always on time, always to the point, always written with SEO in mind, and, at the same time, in a style for people, not Google bots. Their texts are just fun to read! And analytics shows that I'm not the only one who thinks so. Those texts click very well and are read by our users. 100% recommendation!

ipresso marketing automation testimonial

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See how content marketing helos your SaaS/IT company grow organically.

Let's write first-class content to help your company get ahead and attract the right traffic!

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Type2Sell SaaS content marketing agency

Let's grow your SaaS/IT business through effective content marketing.

Type2Sell is a B2B content marketing agency located in Calgary, Canada. We provide services for SaaS, IT, and other B2B clients operating in Europe and North America. 

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