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IT & SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

Benefit from the best sales enablement & organic growth technique out there and grow your business through content

SaaS content marketing strategy

The way to your SaaS/IT content marketing success

Content marketing (CM) is not a lonely island. If you want it to be effective and generate tangible results for your company, your content strategy has to align with your company’s sales and marketing efforts.

8 steps to a winning SaaS content marketing strategy:



Sales funnel alignment

Web copy optimization

Content writing guidelines

Content calendar

Marketing channels


Content marketing strategy tailored to your leads, not the other way around

We look at your content from two different angles and then come up with a strategy that makes the most of both:


We focus on your clients' pain points, challenges, and needs. The content we produce has one major purpose: To resonate with your target audience and to get people to actually read what you have to say. 

Sales funnel

Your content also needs to be adjusted to your company's sales funnel. People at the top of the funnel have different needs and questions vs. people at the bottom of the funnel. Every piece of content we produce is intended to resonate with people at a specific stage in the sales journey. That's the key to keeping your prospects warm and engaged.




General articles and posts
broadening your target
audience’s knowledge and
showing available solutions.

More specific texts, how-to guides,
ebooks, comparisons, and real-life
examples/case studies.

Super-specific posts directly showing why your service is the best solution and encouraging to start a free trial, or sign up for a subscription.

Why do you need a SaaS/IT content marketing strategy?

Set the direction

SaaS content strategy will help you set the direction for your content and the whole marketing. That's the first step to maximizing the results!

Promote effectively

Thanks to a SaaS content marketing strategy, you know how and where to promote your content to drive high-quality traffic to your website.

Source of ideas

With a SaaS content strategy, you will never run out of ideas on what to write about and what to do with your content. It's a great source of ideas and guidelines.

Measure results

Your SaaS content strategy will help you organize web analytics and track the performance of your content. With it, tracking the results is a breeze!

Get a free guide: SaaS content strategy 

Semrush: 80% of the most effective content marketing teams have a documented content marketing strategy.

What about you?

Discover 8 steps to an effective SaaS content marketing strategy, and turn content marketing into the best sales enablement strategy you've ever had.

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Type2Sell SaaS content marketing agency

Let's grow your SaaS/IT business through effective content marketing.

Type2Sell is a B2B content marketing agency located in Calgary, Canada. We provide services for SaaS, IT, and other B2B clients operating in Europe and North America. 

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