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SaaS & IT Content Marketing

This is the core of our work. You can create amazing content, but you need your prospects to see it. With SaaS content marketing, you can get in front of your ideal audience with high-quality texts that build trust and credibility.

SaaS content marketing services

Why do you need content marketing?

Put shortly - to get your SaaS content out there, where your prospects and future users are looking for the information/advice you can provide. There are four reasons why SaaS content marketing can be a game-changer in your company:

Brand awareness

With content marketing, you can build your brand awareness in the channels and places that are crucial for your company's success.

High-quality traffic

Just like SEO, content marketing enables you to increase the quality of traffic going to your website. By presenting your content in the places that are important to your target audience, you can get more of those prospects to visit your website.

Lead generation

In the B2B world, people first interact with your content, then they reach out to you or start a free subscription. Creating and promoting high-quality content will help you get more potential users in the funnel. For many of our clients, the content they publish is the vital first step in the customer acquisition process!


Use content marketing for thought leadership and personal branding purposes, and you will be able to build your brand's authority and trust. Ensuring that you have expertise in your field will encourage people to trust you and your tool/platform.

How do we promote your IT/SaaS content?

We use a proven combination of five lead sources to help your SaaS company grow:

PPC ads for SaaS company

PPC ads

We promote both selected blog posts and your lead magnet via Google Ads to get to people looking for your services in the search engine. We take care of the whole process, including setting up, managing, optimizing, and reporting our campaigns.

Guest posts

We help you arrange guest posting opportunities so that you can publish your content on other websites with an established authority and user base. The goal is to showcase yourself to audiences that are very similar to your ICP. Many of our clients use guest posting to grow business, and with good results!

guest posts for SaaS companies
email marketing for SaaS companies

Email marketing

Email can be an amazing lead-nurturing tool. The only requirement is that you need a high-quality base of people interested in your service. If you don't yet have such a base, you need a lead magnet that can be distributed in exchange for your prospect's email address.

Social media

Directing the right traffic to your website is one thing. Keeping all these people engaged is the other. Your social media profiles should stay active - use them to share valuable insights and helpful suggestions to your target audience. 

Social media for SaaS companies
SEO for SaaS companies


Search engine optimization is the best way to achieve organic visibility. People look for products and services on Google (yes, SaaS & IT included), so you should make it easy for them to find you. And a good, consistent SaaS SEO strategy will help you achieve this goal.

Lead magnet - the key to your early visibility

If you are a SaaS or IT start-up company, you need a way to get people to know you and trust you. That's what lead magnets are for! We will help you come up with an idea for a great lead magnet and then design it. Once it's ready, we publish it on your website and share it in exchange for your prospects' email addresses. That's the fastest and most effective way to build an email base for your company!

lead magnet for SaaS content marketing

Discover our process: Content marketing for SaaS & IT companies



  • Keyword research

  • ICP

  • Content calendar

  • Content guidelines



  • Web copy optimization

  • Blog posts

  • New subpages

  • Lead magnet



  • PPC ads

  • Social media

  • Email marketing

  • Guest posts

  • SEO

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Type2Sell is a B2B content marketing agency located in Calgary, Canada. We provide services for SaaS, IT, and other B2B clients operating in Europe and North America. 

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