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Audience and keyword research for SaaS & IT

Audience research is the number-one technique allowing you to boost your content marketing results. This is what we start with when planning content for your SaaS company.

SaaS content marketing audience research

Understand your ICP

Ideal Client Profile (ICP) is the first thing you need to focus on when creating and promoting content. Why? Because IT ALL depends on your ICP.

What kind of information they need?

Where can they be found?

What do they struggle with?

What do they identify with?

What are their goals and motivations?


What can you help them with?

What texts should be created?

Where should they be promoted?

What wording should be used?

What benefits and arguments will be effective?

ICP determines how your SaaS/IT content strategy will look:

Your ICP is what guides us when designing your content strategy, when producing content, and when looking for ways to promote it. According to a recent Semrush study, 47% of marketers said audience research was the number-one factor that allowed them to boost their content and achieve better results. We want to help you achieve the same results!

Mike Zoladkowski,

SaaS content marketing agency owner

Keywords and key phrases

Keywords still play a vital role in marketing. Your clients continually use them to find needed services and products online. Smart keyword integration will help you boost your content on Google.

keyword research for SaaS and IT

Keyword research

Keywords play a crucial role in SEM, SEO, and content marketing. Through keywords, your content can be found more easily in the search engine. They also allow you to target the right audience. Keyword research should be done for your website as a whole but also for every blog post and every subpage you publish.

Long-tail keywords

When doing keyword research (but also content writing), we pay a lot of attention to medium and long-tail keywords. They allow you to reach high positions in the SERP quicker (compared to generic, high-volume keywords), and they are frequently used by clients who are ready to buy/subscribe. Profit!

long-tail keywords for saas
keywords for SaaS and IT

Keyword research tools

We use advanced keyword research tools to assess the popularity and potential of given keywords. With these tools, we can plan and create content that ranks high on Google!

Google Ads for SaaS and IT
SEO for SaaS
Content for SaaS
Keyword ideas for SaaS and IT

Why do you need a audience and keyword research?

Understand your ICP

Audience research helps you discover what resonates with your target audience and make your content more personalized.

Answer the questions people ask

Your content needs to meet your ICP's needs and answer their questions. This builds your authority and credibility.

SEO-optimized content

Successful content should be SEO-optimized to rank high on Google and attract the right traffic.

Stand out from the competition

Your content needs to be unique, helpful, and tailored to the audience. This way, you stand out from the competition and build your brand.

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SaaS content marketing agency owner

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Type2Sell SaaS content marketing agency

Let's grow your SaaS/IT business through effective content marketing.

Type2Sell is a B2B content marketing agency located in Calgary, Canada. We provide services for SaaS, IT, and other B2B clients operating in Europe and North America. 

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