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Producing more and more content with no success? Stop now! It's not about quantity; it's about content strategy

Content is a long game. Seeing the first results takes time. Be patient; your content will eventually click. You've probably heard some of those statements at least once.


And while they are 100% true, there is one condition that has to be met for them to be true:


You need a good content strategy.


To show you what I’m on about here, imagine such a scenario:


You’re all pumped up about creating content, but you’ve never done that. So, you partly produce content using interns and low-paid content writers and partly with ChatGTP. Sure, it works brilliantly on the budget side, and you notice to see some movement in the SEO area, too.
Your content, although SEO-optimized, doesn’t really resonate with your target audience. There’s not much real-life value in it, and 90% of it is mostly copy-paste of what has already been said.
What outcome can you expect?
YES, your SEO will improve slightly, but most likely, it won’t translate to many leads and sales in your business.
And wasn’t this your goal in the first place?
Sorry, thin content won’t get you far. And it doesn’t matter whether you produce 10 or 100 blog posts and articles.

So, what should you do instead?


Forget quantity; focus on quality and strategy for your content marketing

Let’s press rewind and start again. So, you want to add content marketing to your marketing mix, and that’s a GREAT THING!


Content marketing can be the best lead-generation tool in your business (true story), but to achieve this, you need to start with well-though-out strategy.


Last year, Semrush published the State of Content Marketing 2023 report. One of the questions they asked was what led to content marketing success in the respondents’ companies. Let’s have a look at their answers:


content strategy techniques

Do you see a pattern here? Researching audience, improving quality and value, analyzing competitors, and trying new distribution channels – these are all strategic aspects of creating content.


I mean, sure, there are answers mentioning producing more content, but you don’t want to pull them out of context.


Producing more content with no attention to the content strategy and the actual quality of what you produce will get you nowhere.


Instead of multiplying your thin content, focus on creating better content. And then, you can multiply it. It’s really that easy!



The whole secret of content marketing in the IT/SaaS sector is to:

  1. Get to know your audience better

  2. Understand what kind of content they need or are interested in

  3. Give them just that with a flair of uniqueness (say something new, add new case studies, show great success stories) and value (tell people how your content makes their life/work better, and be specific!)


The whole rest is based on promoting your content and optimizing it for SEO purposes. But if you want to hit the jackpot with your content, you need to double down on these three points. And that’s the only reasonable way to do it because all the other things – distribution channels, SEO optimization, keywords, graphics, etc. can be easily tweaked.


But fixing these three points is far more difficult and time-consuming. That’s why you ought to start there.


Start with a winning content marketing strategy

If you want to play the content marketing game, make sure you know the rules and set yourself up for success. It all starts with a well-thought-out content strategy that will guide your future efforts and texts so that they check all the right boxes and, above all, resonate with your target audience.


Creating such a strategy can take several weeks or even months, but be in no doubt – the juice is worth the squeeze. Take your time, analyze everything, plan your future activities, and see how your competitors (I mean the successful ones, obviously…) do it.

ebook saas content strategy

And then, add your expertise and solid, real-life advice your clients/users can actually put to work. If you manage to do so, you’re golden, and your content marketing will be successful.

And to sum up, here’s a silver lining:


Semrush: Just 3% of our respondents said their content marketing efforts were unsuccessful.


This means that if you ace all those things I mention in this post, you WILL see good results of your work.


And if you need help, I’m happy to assist you! I’ve prepared a free ebook on how to create a SaaS/IT content marketing strategy. You can download it for free below. I’m sure it will help you create a solid content strategy from scratch.



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