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5 Steps to Choosing the Best Content Marketing Agency for Your SaaS/IT Business

Content marketing is the best lead-generation strategy for SaaS and IT businesses. However, if you want to succeed with it, you need a partner who will help you achieve your goals and actually put your content to work.


And since content marketing is not a sprint (it’s a marathon), you need to make an informed decision. There are five steps you need to follow if you want to find an IT/SaaS content marketing agency that not only gets you but also delivers tangible results.


Do you know them all?

Well, then, read on!


If you are responsible for marketing in a SaaS or IT company, you surely wear many hats, content included. In many scenarios, outsourcing this part of your work can save you a lot of time and boost your work's effectiveness.


However, you need to be smart here; there are hundreds of marketing agencies out there, and almost all of them claim to know all about content (I mean, who's NOT a content expert in 2024, right?).


So, how do you find your way in this slightly too vast and too jargonized world of (content) marketing? Follow my proven five-step formula, and you’ll be good!


Step 1: Find a content marketing agency that speaks your language

It’s not just about English, although it surely is a good start :) Look for content marketing agencies that specialize in your niche. If you work with an “all-in-one” agency (it’s a great term meaning such an agency has no idea what they do well) that writes for your conversational AI tool (just an example) today and for a cat food company tomorrow, you won’t get far.


Don't expect to understand your business; don't expect to get a high-quality, in-depth copy. Such agencies usually work with underpaid content writers who either mass-produce thin content or outsource 90% of their work to ChatGPT (psst, you can use it for free).


I don’t think this is what you want. You want a reliable partner who understands your business, your niche, and your target audience, right?


So that’s what you need to focus on.


Step 2: What do their clients say about them?

Ask for or check client testimonials. If an agency doesn't have them, it's not a good sign; move on. You can find testimonials on the agency's website, on the CEO's LinkedIn profile, and sometimes also on Clutch, and on Google Profile (formerly Google My Business).


Testimonials help you assess whether your cooperation with a given agency will be smooth and profitable. If other clients praise this agency for their work, it’s a great sign you’re on the right track to finding a great content partner.

Type2Sell content marketing testimonial

That’s the kind of testimonial you should be looking for!

Step 3: What they can do for you, AKA Content marketing agency vs. Content writing agency

Many content agencies out there are focused almost exclusively on producing content. And then, they leave you with it.


Agency: There you go, Mr. Client, here’s your blog post, and here’s my shiny new invoice for you.

Client: Ok, thanks… What can I do with this blog post now?

Agency: Ekhm, I don’t know, you wanted it, right? So, I assumed you know what to do with it? You can put it on your website or whatever.


Is this the kind of conversation you want to have with your agency? That’s what I thought. Look for a content agency that does more than just content writing.


Ideally, a content marketing agency should support you in:

  • Creating a SaaS/IT content marketing strategy for your brand

  • Writing diverse types of content (from ads to blog posts, from web copy to newsletters)

  • Promoting them in the most effective channels

  • Optimizing your website and its content for SEO purposes (you can never have too much organic growth!)


Step 4: Do you actually like talking to them?

Mind you, you’re about to work with this agency for many months to come. It’s important to work with people you actually feel comfortable around. Are they transparent about their work? How much jargon do they use? Are they straightforward and to the point when talking to you?


Or rather, they talk a lot but SAY much less? Before you sign the dotted line, it’s good to have at least one meeting with such an agency. Schedule a free consultation (move on if that’s not something they offer), and see if there’s chemistry between you two.


If so, I can predict a seamless and effective long-term cooperation! :)


Step 5: Check the contract your future content marketing agency sent you

Lastly, go through the contract. If it stretches forever, uses compound-complex sentences you need to read twice actually to understand what they are about, and has more exclusions than actual services, run away.


I mean, sure, the contract should be comprehensive, but you cannot go overboard with it. A good agency will stick to the point and write everything the way you understand without hiring a high-profile Manhattan law firm.


Time to wrap up

OK, five simple steps, nothing too complicated, but they can help you avoid a lot of wasted time and marketing budget. What's important is that you make an informed decision that you won't regret two weeks after signing the contract. Do your research, and above all, talk to your future content team at least once before you make a decision.


You’re welcome!


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